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Wotofo proposes an RDTA atomiser which is very polyvalent linked to power and performance with the Profile RDTA. The coil is found on the top of the atomiser (RDTA) allowing an increase of flavours and considerable limiting the risk of e liquids from leaking.

The Profile RDTA can hold up to 6.2ml in e liquid, gracious to the 25mm in diameter. The genius assembly plate allows you to place one or two coils as well as the Mesh sheet, large enough to accept all type of assemblies, simple or complex.

The particularity of the Profile RDTA has all the assembly functions, the possibility to transform in RDA, simple and rapid. A holed pin is also available for a squonk version to avoid too much frequent filling.

The Profile RDTA is an atomiser which can complete all your needs, incredibly polyvalence, it offers excellent rendering of flavours and is convenient for all demanding vapers.

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Profile RDTA Atomiser Wotofo

The Profile RDTA by Wotofo is a polyvalent reconstructable, original and performant which can hold up to 6.2ml in e liquid which will meet your needs. It has a diameter of 25mm which is perfectly adapted to all boxes and actual mods.

The originality resides in the assembly options with the possibility of having assemblies in simple or double coils gracious to the genius plate which is very simple to use. An option which allows you to transform to a real classic RDA or squonk with the pin included.

Association of the Profile RDTA Wotofo with the Armor Cod

Power and optimized airflow

The Profile RDTA has an adjustable airflow in the honey comb at the top of the cap as the coil can be found on the top of the atomiser. This allows you to avoid the leaking of e liquids as well as the optimised aeration of the coil and an output power recommended from 70 to 75W by Wotofo. Flavour and vapor are at the top with the Profile RDTA.

Performant wire system

Fans of the new RDTA will recognise the wires, while being fixed, it allows the e liquid up to the coil. Gracious to this system, the cotton is always soaked with e liquids and the maximum rendering of flavours. Note: the wires necessary are supplied by Wotofo.

A Polyvalent plate

The Profile RDTA has a performant plate of 22mm in diameter which is adapted to different types of assemblies. You can rapidly or simply install one or two coils as well a Mesh sheet for a different render depending on your preferences. The power of the atomiser is recommended from 70 to 80W for optimal utilisation.


Do you wish to have RDA? Wotofo has thought of the possibility to rapidly transform the Profile into a classic dripper version or bottom feeder with the holed pin. You will have 2 atomisers and always have the know how by Wotofo.

Of Great capacity

The Profile RDTA is equipped with a 6.2ml tank in capacity which leaves you quite some time before recharging. To fill it is simple to open the top and slide in the tip of the bottle in slot of this effect. Easy to use without leaking of e liquids, the Profile RDTA has all to please you.

The Profile RDTA is delivered with:



Black, Blue, Metal, SS


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