Target 200 Kit Vaporesso


With the Target 200, Vaporesso proposes an electronic cigarette, modern and powerful with the service of an aired vape, for hunters of clouds and amateurs of flavours present. The Target 200 kit is first of all a superb Target 200 box. A box which uses 2 x 18650 batteries, compact, ergonomic and waterproof. With a maximum output power of 220 watts, the box proposes modes and functions which are very interesting by placing the value of flavoured e liquids. The Axon 2.0 chipset remains simple and accessible for vaping. A real gem for amateurs of direct or semi direct inhaling.

The iTank sub ohm clearomiser is imposing with a rounded reservoir which has 8 ml in capacity. The clearomiser proposes interesting innovations, it collects the condensation droplets which can be found usually with this type of powerful clearomiser. With the iTank, Vaporesso proposes 2 GTi coils in mesh, GTi 0.4 Ω for a vape up to 60 watts and  GTi 0.2 Ω for a vape up to 75 watts. The triple aeration promises vapor.

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Target 200 Kit Vaporesso

In terms of the 2 powerful batteries, Vaporesso has entirely reviewed the copy and proposes a real and true success of the kit called Target 200. This kit will please amateurs of vape in direct inhaling with variation in semi-direct. It is complete, modern, compact and also elegant with an original and waterproof braiding which covers the handle of the mod.

The kit is composed of a double battery box (18650  not included) which has a maximum output power of 220 watts. It offers the necessary power and autonomy for the iTank clearomiser. This new clearomiser has a new design and a surprising capacity of 8ml. Inside are the GTi coils (0.2 Ω and 0.4 Ω) which work for the production of vapor and flavour. The aeration passes via three openings. A triple airflow perfect for the production of vapor. Vaporesso also brings the latest interesting innovations to avoid the leaking of condensation droplets.

To whom addresses the Target 200 by Vaporesso ?

The Target 200 kit will please all vapers in search of flavours and vapor present. The Target 200 will please amateurs of vape, full of punches, direct inhaling or restrictive. Two batteries, 8ml capacity for e liquid, you will be comfortable with autonomy. The Target 200 has ergonomics and robust fabrication which allows you to vape in a number of sensations.

Target 200 Box

For it to be more robust, the Target 200 is made with a solid metallic frame. A braided and waterproof tissue covers the handle of the mod. The mod is relatively thin for a double battery box. With a contact switch on the side, you can vape with the chip whether it is on the right or left.. You will also discover a screen of a good size and graphic interface which is particularly readable: 0.96-inch TFT screen.

Modern and simple

It is by this intermediate of the screen that you will discover the Axon 2.0 chipset of the Target 200. This chip (and then programme) proposes several modes of vape, such as the bypass for example and the functions such as pre-heat of the coil: soft, normal and high. There are 3 buttons which allow you to access the menu  of the chipset. To pilot and control are simple, all indicated on the screen. There are several modes which are essential:


For a longer vape, the Target 200 functions with 2 x1 8650 batteries (not included). The screen of the box indicates the charging level of each of the batteries in real time. If needed for urgent recharge, the box can be recharged with the USB-C connection with the cable included. The possible charging current is 5V/2A.

 iTank 8ml Clearomiser

With a new design, the iTank 8ml is the latest sub ohm clearomiser by Vaporesso. Entirely devoted to the production of vapor and flavours, the iTank clearomiser also has a supplementary piece at the base of the tank which avoids the leaking of e liquids and collects the condensation. A bonus appreciated to avoid disagreeable whistling when vaping.

 GTi new coils

Made for a vape in direct inhaling, the GTi coils are constituted in mesh and remain waterproof with the joints. With the Target 200 there are 2 coils included:

Features of theTarget 200 Vaporesso :

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